On May 18th, Motor Coach Canada wrote the following letter to Honourable Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance encouraging the further extension of the CEWS and CERS programs for the hardest hit industries. Since 2021’s peak tourism season will continue to be hindered by public health restrictions, this hardest hit sector will rely on the assistance of the government supports to get them through to a more fruitful 2022 season.

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MCC members have received a draft template to send to their local MPs in support of this ask. If you have not received yours, please contact info@motorcoachcanada.com to get it.

Send your letter by May 28th and use our below social media posts to get more attention on this ask.

Social Media Messaging for Members

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We are asking the Federal government to coordinate and announce a clear border reopening plan. Businesses are dependent on the ability of Canadians and visitors to move freely. We need a clear plan! @YOUR LOCAL MP @cafreeland @melaniejoly @BillBlair @OntMotorCoach @MotorCoachCan

It is vital that the financial supports available through Canada’s Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) be extended until revenues can replace subsidies. @YOUR LOCAL MP @cafreeland @melaniejoly @OntMotorCoach @MotorCoachCan

The planned subsidy reduction and program wind down of Canada’s Emergency Wage Subsidy is simply too steep and too fast! @YOUR LOCAL MP @cafreeland @melaniejoly @OntMotorCoach @MotorCoachCan

The federal government has been present from the early stages of the crisis, offering relief to Canadian businesses. The planned Wage subsidy reduction is too fast and too soon for our recovery @YOUR LOCAL MP @cafreeland @melaniejoly @OntMotorCoach @MotorCoachCan

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