The following is a list of campaigns and initiatives that MCC has participated in to put pressure on our government to understand the struggles that our industry continues to face and to provide the assistance that our members desperately need.

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Written Submission for a new post-pandemic Federal Tourism Growth Strategy

Submitted June 17th, 2022

HArdest Hit Businesses Need Support To Stay Alive

In partnership with the Coalition of Hardest Hit Business, we are pushing government to extend support for businesses are not near enough to recovery. Tourism continues to be devastated by COVID-19 health measures and border restrictions. THRP was designed as a lifeline, but Omicron delayed recovery. The program wind down puts tourism and travel businesses at risk.
Key Asks:
– Promote an open and encouraging travel narrative
– Extend and Adjust the Tourism and Hospitality Relief Program
– A Dedicated Labour Strategy

Federal Pre-Budget submission – updated Jan. 24th

Submitted January 24th, 2022


Initiated October 28th. 2021

Coalition of Hardest Hit Businesses Summer Campaign

Initiated July 6th, 2021