Did You Know That Motor Coaches Are the “GREEN” Alternatives For Your Transportation Needs?

There are several environmental and functional factors that make motor coaches the number one choice for any travel whether charter or schedule service.

Here are some of the important environmental benefits to using a motor coach :

  • 4 times less damaging to the environment than car-mode transportation
  • 5 times less damaging to the environment than rail-mode transportation
  • 6 times less damaging to the environment than air-mode transportation
  • Since October 2006 motor coaches use only Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel fuel which virtually eliminates Sulphur emissions
  • Coaches with 2007 or newer engines will eliminate 90% of particulates (“black smoke”)
  • And there is more coming … coaches built with the 2010 engines will eliminate most nitrous oxides. At this stage diesel engines will be better for the environment than some other “alternate” fuels.

Not only are motor coaches GREEN, they are also the most functional and comfortable

  • Onboard amenities such as washrooms and movies
  • Enjoy company of others
  • Can take you to any and all communities served by road
  • Safe and secure
  • Cost efficient and cost effective
  • Luggage travels with the people