Business Development

  • Promotion of members at Rendez-vous Canada to international inbound operators
  • Strategic alliances with industry-related organizations
  • Effective listings in industry publications such as the Directory of Motor Coach and Tour Operators in   Canada
  • Promotion of competitive tendering for delivery of transit services
  • Driver certification, recruitment and industry awareness initiatives in conjunction with the Motor Carrier Passenger Council of Canada.

Industry Advancement and Promotion

  • Integrated Marketing and Communications Plan
  • Submissions to: the Senate Standing Committee on Regulation; the Minister of Finance on Capital Cost Allowance and fuel tax rebates; the CCMTA on hours of service
  • Media releases, radio/television/trade press
  • Part of the Community Brochure
  • Industry awareness brochure for government and industry stakeholders
  • Attend Rendez-vous Canada
  • Advocacy and government relations

Networking Events

Get the chance to interact with both suppliers and colleagues alike! Take the opportunity to meet everyone in attendance at least once over the Western Canada Meeting.

  • Western Canada Meeting
  • Sessions relating to your business, including the new Hours of Service rules, IFTA, and IRP.
  • Ad hoc Seminars and networking events

Research and Publications

  • Directory of Motor Coach and Tour Operator’s in Canada
  • Regulatory Issues Guide
  • Crisis Management Guide
  • Hours of Service laminated cards for drivers and tour guides (Canadian and U.S. rules)
  • Industry Statistics
  • Guide to Reducing Fuel Taxes on Motor Coach Travel to U.S.A.
  • Motor Coach Advertising (A guide to revenue generating possibilities)
  • Media Relations Guide
  • Canadian Tour Planner & Operator Guide
  • Road Explorer

Current News and Information

  • Road Explorer magazine – Destination articles and industry issues articles
  • Special information back grounders with in-depth information about issues that affect your business
  • MCC News: Weekly newsletter with up-to-the minute information affecting members. Articles include information on:  
    Driver Hours of Service
    USA Visit Program 
    Passport and Immigration Issues
    Travel Industry Statistics
    Privacy Act for Coach & Tour Operators
    GST & Continuous Journey rules
    Passenger Manifests for border crossings

Learning Opportunities

  • Ad hoc seminars on current issues that affect your business
  • MCC Western Meeting
  • MCC Newsletter
  • Road Explorer Magazine
  • Guides and Publications designed to help motor coach and tour operators do business