Ontario Driver Training

Professional Driver Instructor in Driver Education is a joint venture of the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and OPTA (Ontario Public Transit Association), OMCA (Ontario Motor Coach Association) and SBO (School Bus Ontario – formerly OSBA). A one-of-a-kind program that teaches driver instructors how to properly train drivers in their fleet.

For details and registration, go to https://schoolbusontario.ca/pride-program/

What you receive:

  • “Signing Authority” certification from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation in order to sign, upgrade and renew drivers’ licenses on your own premises (if passing grade achieved and all other MTO requirements are met).
  • Indispensable techniques for classroom instruction including the effective use of audio visual equipment, non-lecture format and more!
  • Valuable in-vehicle information on “HOW” to properly teach daily inspections, defensive driving, right and left turns, night driving and more. .
  • Effective techniques for dealing appropriately with new and seasoned trainees alike
  • Superior facilitation skills including climate setting, guided questioning, being an active listener, and giving positive feedback both in the classroom and on-board the vehicle.
  • One-on-one interaction with master instructors and many opportunities to exchange information among participants


For 33 years the P.R.I.D.E. Program has provided fleet driver instructors with powerful, non-lecture adult training techniques and philosophies that resonate with new and seasoned drivers to encourage and sustain safe commercial driving habits.

The P.R.I.D.E. Certification Program has been updated as per MTO requirements and as a result, the program has been extended by 10 hours to include the required criteria. The new curriculum includes all original program content and new MTO requirements. To further enhance the program, MTO written and road test content is included as well as a session on developing effective safety meetings.

The 2024 registration fee for the Certification Program will be $3,300 + tax per person for association members. The fee increase reflects increased costs, new program development and implementation and the cost of six lunches (previously not included in the registration fee).

2024 Certification Dates:

  • January 20th-26th
  • February 10th-16th
  • March 9th-15th
  • April 6th-12th
  • May 4th-10th
  • May 30th to June 2nd and June 7th to June 9th (two extended weekends)
  • July 6th-12th
  • July 18th to 21st and July 26th to 28th (two extended weekends)
  • August 15th to 18th and August 23rd to 25th (two extended weekends)
  • September 19th to 22nd and September 27th to 29th (two extended weekends)
  • October 26th to November 1st
  • November 9th-15th
  • November 30th to December 6th

Additional dates are to be determined based on program demand.
Link to the Registration Form: https://schoolbusontario.ca/pride-registration/ 



For 6 years the Recertification Program has reviewed/refreshed the concepts, curriculum, instructional techniques and philosophies of the certification fleet driver instructor program. The course curriculum is designed to reinforce Signing Authority instructor skills to ensure continued high quality in the delivery of driver training.

The registration fee is $495 + tax per person for association members.

2024 Recertification Dates: 

  • February 3
  • March 23
  • May 11
  • June 22
  • August 10
  • October 5
  • November 2
  • December 7

Additional dates are to be determined based on program demand.
Link to the Registration Form: https://schoolbusontario.ca/pride-recertification-form/

For questions or more information – please visit https://schoolbusontario.ca/pride-program/ or contact info@schoolbusontario.ca

Where you will train:

All P.R.I.D.E. training is performed in Burlington, ON.


“I now know why the PROFESSIONAL INSTRUCTOR IN DRIVER EDUCATION PROGRAM is a critical element in delivering our safety message. We arrived as a caterpillar, spun a little cocoon and by Friday we had developed wings. Our vision is now endless…our view has no limits…and our heights are only restricted by self limitations. The Pride Team assembled is just an A-1 Class Act. When associated with this team you just know you want to be successful and that you will succeed.” — John Piron, Laidlaw