Canadian Tourism

  • The Canadian Tourism Commission’s 2008 Tourism Highlights indicate that tourism spending reached $74.7 billion dollars in Canada in the year 2008.
  • Canadian residents accounted for 79% or $ 59.1 billion while foreigners spent $15.7 billion or 21%.
  • Total tourism Gross Domestic Product (GDP) reached $30.0 billion in 2008 or 2.0% of Canada’s GDP.
  • Employment in Canada’s tourism sector reached 662,900 jobs in 2008.

Canadian Travel to The U.S.

  • Canada is the #1 market for international visitation to the U.S
  • In 2008 there were 1.3 million outbound trips to the U.S
  • In 2008, Americans made 12.5 million overnight trips and 10.2 million same day trips to Canada
  • Top10 U.S destinations for Canadian visitors are New York, Florida, Washington, , Michigan., California, Nevada, Maine, Pennsylvania, Vermont and North Dakota ( Source: Consulate General of United states)
  • Bus Travel by Canadians travelling to the U.S rose by 13% in March 2008 over March 2007.
  • All U.S states benefit from Canadian Travelers – best equity of all countries.

Tour Operations

  • It is estimated that there are 3,000 highway coaches in Canada. Thousands more coaches from the United States enter Canada each year and are a boon to local economies.
  • Each motor coach on an overnight tour generates over $ 7,000-$13,000 per day in economic activity, including spending on accommodation, meals, entertainment and souvenirs.

Motor Coach Safety – General Information (USA and CANADA)

  • Motor coaches carry about 860 million passengers a year in Canada and the USA (774 million passengers in the U.S., and approximately 86 million in Canada).
  • Motor coaches travel 945 million miles per year in the U.S., or 28 billion passenger-miles.
  • National Safety Council in the U.S. (Accident Facts 1989 – 98) reports for U.S. interstate motor coach travel an average of 4.3 motor coach passenger fatalities per year for the period 1987 – 1996.  During that period, coaches traveled 244.6 billion passenger miles.

Motor Coach Canada (MCC)

MCC is a national association representing motor coach and tour operators in Canada.
Under the umbrella of Motor Coach Canada, tour companies and bus operators have joined to have a common national voice on issues of mutual concern. Governed by a Board of Directors comprised equally of bus and tour operators, MCC is the only national association representing the interests of motor coach tour operators and bus operators supplying scheduled, charter, transit, and tour services.

For more Information please contact the MCC office at 416-229-9305 or email: