Dear OMCA and MCC Partners, During what is already been a very busy January for our association, I want to take a moment to share my gratitude for your support in 2023 and my optimism for 2024. Our team has just returned from a leading U.S. group travel marketplace and the excitement and renewed enthusiasm for both Motor Coach Canada and the Ontario Motor Coach Association was evident. There was a tangible buzz about OMCA’s Marketplace and the association’s value to our members. It was so good to hear from our members and sponsors and to feel and know that “We are Back”! Thanks to the rebound experienced by the group travel industry, our members and the association are well on track to have a very strong 2024. And we couldn’t do it without all of you! Thank you. We saw incredible growth in our association’s membership in 2023, with many reporting a record-breaking year. I’m already seeing this momentum continue into 2024, as so many of us are gearing up for a busy year ahead. By now you would have received your membership renewals. Please be sure to renew your membership early to take advantage of a full year of benefits. For those new or returning to the association, please take a moment to connect with our team to see how to best benefit from being an active and connected member. The future of the group travel economy is exciting, and we’re just getting started. It takes a collaborative effort – from the association, our members and to our boots-on-the-ground OMCA team. These are successes we should all be celebrating. I hope to see you soon on a members-only Town Hall or webinar or in person at the Ontario Transportation Expo (April 14-17), our Golf Tournament (August 20) or Marketplace in Windsor (November 4-6). We are looking forward to supporting our members and welcoming those that are new. Thank you, Vince Accardi President OMCA / MCC