‘Let’s Talk’ Transportation Initiative to Introduce New Regulations

The Government of Canada is conducting consultations for Let’s Talk Transportation initiative, which identifies new measures that will be introduced into regulation aimed at safety technologies. 

They are:

  1. New regulations requiring infraction cameras, extended stop signal arms and exterior 360° cameras on all new school buses
  2. Regulations requiring automatic emergency braking systems and pedestrian automatic emergency braking systems on all vehicles including coaches and school buses
  3. Advanced driver assistance technologies such as;
    • Advanced braking systems for motorcycles
    • Emergency brake assist
    • Electronic stability control for medium vehicles
    • Emergency stop signal
    • Regenerative braking signal
    • Accident emergency call system
    • Blind spot information system (heavy vehicles)
    • Blind spot detection/warning
    • Lane departure warning
    • Lane keep assist
    • Level 2 and Level 3 systems
    • 360° cameras
    • Camera monitoring systems
    • Intelligent speed assist
    • Rear-visibility system (medium and heavy vehicles)
    • Driver drowsiness and distraction monitoring

Below are links to the consultations and the background documents.  Members that submit comments are asked to also share their comments with MCC by sending it to jennifer@motorcoachcanada.com  which will allow us to consider all concerns and issues when preparing a submission.

Please note that the following public consultations were published on Tuesday September 1st, 2020, on Transport Canada’s Let’s Talk Transportation platform:

Improving School Bus Safety in Canada

Should automatic emergency braking systems be required for new vehicles?

Creating a standard for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

These are informal consultations as part of the pre-regulatory process. Please read the background documents available through the web links above, and provide your feedback to the questions included in each consultation and background document. These consultations will be open for comments until September 30th, 2020.

Operator Waiver and Release Templates

Following the July 30th webinar with  lawyer Andrew Buck of Pitblado LLP on the liabilities of bus and tour operators when passengers contract COVID-19, MCC responded to the feedback from members asking for assistance in creating a COVID waiver for future services.

MCC has now secured a waiver for all members to use in an effort to limit liability when passengers may attempt to claim that a tour or motor coach travel contributed to a confirmed case of COVID19.  The legalese of matters such as waivers are complex, we therefore encourage all members to consult their own legal counsel for any nuances that may be required for specific business needs. 

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