Motor Coach Safety – General Information (CANADA)

  • Mileage traveled: 200 million km annually in Canada (107 million inter-city scheduled, and 88 million km charter/tour)
  • Buses are the safest vehicle on the road
  • Bus passenger fatalities account for less than 1% (0.3%) of all highway fatalities
  • Transport Canada has studied bus safety and reported:
    • “injury rates place buses among the safest modes of transport”
    • “buses provide passengers with remarkably safe travel compared with other road vehicles and other forms of transport”
    • “the data show that travel by bus is generally safe”
      (Source: Transport Canada Review of Bus Safety Issues, November 1998)
    • “Canada’s bus safety record is extremely good”
    • “Bus passengers are rarely killed or suffer major injury”
      (Source: Transport Canada Bus Safety Consultations Final Report, Feb. 2001 TP 13713 E)
  • Bus operators take a pro-active approach to ensuring the safety record of the industry is continually improved
  • The best carriers in the industry know that investing in safety pays
  • Bus operators are subject to a comprehensive set of Federal and Provincial regulations which set strict standards covering:
    • driver qualifications and medical condition
    • driver hours of work and electronic log books
    • daily (pre-trip) inspections
    • preventative maintenance programs and “in-service” vehicle fitness standards
    • periodic (government controlled) safety inspections
    • facility audits by government Carrier Safety Auditors
    • insurance

Coaches and the Environment

Did You Know That Motor Coaches Are the “GREEN” Alternatives For Your Transportation Needs?

There are several environmental and functional factors that make motor coaches the number one choice for any travel whether charter or schedule service.

Here are some of the important environmental benefits to using a motor coach :

  • 4 times less damaging to the environment than car-mode transportation
  • 5 times less damaging to the environment than rail-mode transportation
  • 6 times less damaging to the environment than air-mode transportation
  • Since 2006 motor coaches use only Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel fuel which virtually eliminates sulphur emissions
  • Since 2007 motor coach engines have eliminated 90% of particulates (“black smoke”)
  • Since 2010 motor coach engines have eliminated almost all nitrous oxides.

Not only are motor coaches GREEN, they are also the most functional and comfortable

  • Onboard amenities such as washrooms and movies
  • Enjoy company of others
  • Can take you to any and all communities served by road
  • Safe and secure
  • Cost efficient and cost effective
  • Luggage travels with the people