Join us January 28th for a discussion about Applicability of HST and the definition of “Continuous Journey”.

Over recent months several questions and concerns have been raised about the accurate application of HST and the definition of “continuous journey”.  The CRA’s definition of continuous journey may not accurately reflect industry practices.  Motor Coach Canada will host Ron Choudhury, Partner with Miller Thomson LLP to look at real life scenarios where the applicability of HST should apply based on CRA current “continuous journey” definitions.  Ron Choudhury will provide clarity to members and members will be given an opportunity to provide feedback to MCC to understand if members are applying HST correctly or if members are at risk.

Protect yourself from costly CRA audits by knowing what the regulations tell us. 

Ask your questions and get some answers from an expert in sales tax and GST/HST issues associated with transportation law.

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