MCC Objectives

• Influence government policy on legislation, regulations and policies that affect our industry
• Enhance the image of motor coach travel
• Increase awareness for the bus and motor coach tour industry
• Identify and report on issues affecting members’ business
• Create strategic alliances with other associations, industries and stakeholders
• Provide Opportunities for professional education and development of members
• Create opportunities for members to share ideas and form business relationships

MCC Principles

We, the members of Motor Coach Canada, in carrying out our role of providing service to the travelling public, recognize the need to do so in a professional manner and to deal with the public and our colleagues with the highest degree of integrity.

As a member:

  • We will be guided in all activities by truth, accuracy, fairness and integrity.
  • We will act with integrity in financial dealings with the public and with entities utilized to help arrange or provide services to the travelling public.
  • We will work to instill consumer and public confidence in the industry, avoiding any action conducive to discrediting it or membership in the Association.
  • We will not knowingly use or permit to be used any vehicle for illegal or improper purposes and will obey all applicable laws and regulations of authorities in respect of them.
  • We will keep informed on the latest techniques, developments and knowledge pertinent to our professional development, and to the improvement of the motor coach and tour industry.
  • We will not seek any unfair advantage over anyone else and will not be disrespectful of the business of a fellow member.

Each member of Motor Coach Canada understands and agrees that the above principles constitute Motor Coach Canada’s Code of Ethics and a breech of this Code of Ethics could result in disciplinary action by the Association including withdrawal of membership rights in the Association.