Bus Driver's Daily Log Book & Daily Vehicle Inspection Report

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Check out these MCC Log Book features!

  • Carbonless (NCR) paper (no more hassle of messy carbon sheets)
  • Larger, easier to use format – 8 ½ X 7 inches
  • Meets Canada’s new hours of service regulations
  • Meets Canada’s new daily (trip) inspection regulations
  • Includes daily (trip) inspection schedules for buses (Schedules 2 & 3)
  • Single-side pages (no having to turn the page over to write on the back)
  • Perforation between hours of service portion and vehicle inspection portion (for ease of filing)
  • Recap page for both Canada and  USA work cycles
  • Valid in  all provinces/ territories and USA
  • Carrier’s name and address can be overprinted on each page (slight additional cost)  


QTY Member Non-Member
Less than 100 (min. order 20 books) $2.55 per book $3.25 per book for all quantities
100 - 499 $2.20 per book  
500 - 999 $1.95 per book  
1,000 + $1.85 per book  

Why not customize your Order?  (Carrier & address printed on each page - add $195.00)
Due to manufacturing processes and to keep production costs as low as possible, there are specific quantities that custom log books need to be ordered in denominations of.   

Custom imprint orders:

Carrier’s name and address can be custom imprinted on each page for an additional $195.00. (Minimum quantity for each custom order is 200.)