Bus Driver's Daily Log Book & Daily Vehicle Inspection Report



Check out these MCC Log Book features!

  • Carbonless (NCR) paper (no more hassle of messy carbon sheets)
  • Larger, easier to use format – 8 ½ X 7 inches
  • Meets Canada’s new hours of service regulations
  • Meets Canada’s new daily (trip) inspection regulations
  • Includes daily (trip) inspection schedules for buses (Schedules 2 & 3)
  • Single-side pages (no having to turn the page over to write on the back)
  • Perforation between hours of service portion and vehicle inspection portion (for ease of filing)
  • Recap page for both Canada and  USA work cycles
  • Valid in  all provinces/ territories and USA
  • Custom Log & Inspection Books: Carrier’s name and address can be custom imprinted on each page for an additional $195.00. (Minimum quantity for each custom order is 200.)


QTY Member Non-Member
Less than 100 (min. order 20 books) $2.80 per book $3.40 per book
101 - 499 $2.50 per book Same as above
500 - 1,000 $2.30 per book Same as above
1,001 + $2.15 per book Same as above